Arcane EyeEdit

(per-encounter standard actionutility stance spell)




one space within 3 paces (no roll)


You summon an invisible, intangible arcane eye in the targeted space. Until you end this stance, you may expend a move action to move the eye up to 8 paces. Creatures, illusions and objects within a number of paces of the eye equal to your Wisdom modifier are visible to you even if you do not have line of sight to them or the eye, and you may use Arcana instead of your Perception skill to pierce all illusions, stealth, or invisibility within the eye's radius. You may end this stance as an immediate reaction to teleport yourself into the eye's space.


You must expend a standard action to sustain this stance. When you do, you may move the eye up to 8 paces. The eye vanishes when you end this stance for any reason.

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