Attempt to HideEdit

(at-will move actiontrained skill stance )



You may not enter this stance if any creature has line of sight to you, and you do not have total concealment against that creature. If you make any noise above a whisper or enter a well-lit space that does not grant at least partial concealment, you automatically end this stance at the end of that action.


Self (Stealth - no difficulty number)


You may move up to half your speed as you enter this stance. While you are in this stance, you count as hidden to anyone whose Spot defense is less than your original check result + your current concealment bonus.


Whenever you whisper, attack, or move more than 2 paces in one action, you must re-roll your Stealth check and take the lower result. If you attack or move more than 5 paces, you suffer a -5 penalty to the new roll. Any creature whose Spot defense is greater than your original check result continues to notice you as you move, until you make a new Stealth check.

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