Bag of tricks is a Thief class feature which helps Rogues to fulfill the controller role.

Bag of TricksEdit

(thief class feature)

  • You gain training in the Craft skill.
  • You gain a +1 class bonus to your Will defense.
  • You may hide a number of caltrops, darts and/or bombs on your person equal to your Intelligence modifier, hidden in secret pouches of your clothing where you can immediately access them as a free action. Whenever you take a Short Rest, you may trade out any number of them for an equal number of caltrops, darts or bombs, disassembling the unused items and storing the components.
  • You gain the Rank 1 trick, Expert Throw:

Expert ThrowEdit

(per-encounter standard actionweapon attack trick)




You make a basic ranged attack with a caltrop, bomb or grappling hook. The attack gains a feat bonus to its range equal to your Intelligence modifier, and the attack's burst or cone size (if any) increases by 1.

When you choose an at-will trick, you may choose from the following options.

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