Bear SpiritEdit

(medium spirit - summoned)

Hit Points:

None. A summoned spirit has a damage threshold equal to its summoner's heal value; any attack which deals more damage than that threshold banishes it back to the spirit world until re-summoned, while any attack which deals less damage is ignored. When a spirit you control is banished, you take psychic damage equal to your heal value.


6. The spirit ignores difficult and treacherous terrain.


  • Armor: 16 + half caster's level.
  • Reflex: 10 + half caster's level.
  • Fortitude: 16 + half caster's level.
  • Will: 10 + half caster's level.


You may command the spirit to perform a Bear's Maul as a Rank 1 trance, using your Skill and ability modifiers.

Bear's MaulEdit

(per-encounter standard actionprovoking attack trance)


Bear Totem


One creature (Unarmed vs. Armor)


2d8 + your [ magic damage bonus ] bashing damage, and you daze the target until the end of your next turn and knock it prone. You may make a follow-up bite attack (Unarmed vs. Fortitude).

Follow-up Hit

1d8 + your [ magic damage bonus ] slashing damage, and the target is bleeding ongoing damage equal to your magic damage bonus.

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