Beguilement Magic manipulates the thoughts, emotions and perceptions of sentient creatures. All Beguilement spells have the charm, fear, or illusion keyword; if they deal damage, they usually deal damage of the psychic damage type. Beguilement utility spells excel at changing the attitudes and perceptions of others, hiding or disguising people or objects, and creating convincing illusions.

Many Beguilement-based summoning spells call on creatures of shadow and illusion called 'phantasms' to do the summoner's bidding, although some invite strange creatures from the feywild into the material plane. Phantasms are unusually complex illusions which inflict damage by convincing the target that they are in pain or dying. A sufficiently real illusion can cause a target to die from fright or stress, so such damage is entirely real even if the source of that damage is inside the victim's own head.

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