Do you imagine your fighter shouting orders to his allies, setting up attacks and leading his teammates to victory? Then choose the following options:

Captain Class FeaturesEdit

The Captain gains the following class features:

Attacks and Weapon ProficienciesEdit
Combat LeaderEdit
Hit Points, Defenses and Armor ProficienciesEdit
  • The Captain's maximum hit points are equal to his racial hit points plus hus level.
  • The Captain's Vitality is equal to 5 + his Constitution modifier.
  • The Captain gains a +1 class bonus to Fortitude and Will. His Defenses are:
    • Reflex: 10 + Dex (+racial bonuses)
    • Fortitude: 11 + Con (+racial bonuses)
    • Will: 11 + higher of Wis, Int or Cha (+racial bonuses)
  • The Captain is proficient with light armor, heavy armor, and shields. When wearing Chainmail and wielding a Greatspear, his Defenses are:
    • Armor: 15 + Con
    • Reflex: 9 + Dex (+racial bonuses)
    • Fortitude: 11 + Con (+racial bonuses)
    • Will: 11 + Wis (+racial bonuses)
Trained SkillsEdit
  • The Captain is proficient in Athletics, Endurance, Insight and Diplomacy. His trained skill bonuses are:
    • Athletics: Str +3
    • Endurance: Con +3
    • Insight: Wis +3
    • Diplomacy: Cha +3
Class ManeuversEdit
  • At level 0, the Captain may perform one class maneuver per encounter, and knows the following class maneuvers:

Create OpportunityEdit

(per-encounter immediate reactionstrike maneuver)


Combat Leader


You or an ally hits an enemy with an attack during your turn.


Each ally adjacent to you or the target may shift one square as a free reaction. Until the end of your next turn, each ally who can see or hear you gains a feat bonus to attack rolls against that enemy equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Inspiring ShoutEdit

(per-encounter immediate actionhealing maneuver)


Inspiring Presence


You and each conscious ally within 5 paces that can see or hear you, or one adjacent ally.


Each target regains health equal to their heal value, and may choose to either enter the full defense stance as a free reaction, or make one free saving throw as an automatic reaction with a stance bonus equal to your Charisma modifier.

Full ExtensionEdit

(per-encounter free actionstance maneuver)


Polearm fighting style


You must be wielding a polearm.


Until you end this stance, you gain a +1 stance bonus to your polearm's reach, and threaten all squares within your reach. You automatically end this stance after making an attack, and gain advantage for that attack if the target is not adjacent.

  • The Captain starts with the following equipment:
    • Chainmail (Defense: 15 + Con, -1 check/-1 speed penalty)
    • Greatspear (Attack: Str +5; Damage: 1d10 + Str piercing damage)
    • Trumpet (Equipment: can be heard out to 50 paces)

Captain At-Will ManeuversEdit

At level 0, the Captain may choose three at-will maneuvers from the following list. At each even level, the Captain gains one additional at-will maneuver that they do not already possess. Inspiring presence at-wills Combat leader at-wills Polearm fighting style at-wills

Leveling UpEdit

At each level, you gain new features and bonuses to increase your fighting prowess.

Level Class Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
Level 0 1/E - - - - -
Level 1-2 1/E 1/E - - - -
Level 3-4 1/E 1/E 1/E - - -
Level 5-6 1/E 1/E 1/E 1/E - -
Level 7-8 - 1/E 1/E 1/E 1/E -
Level 9-10 - - 1/E 1/E 1/E 1/E
* 1/E = Once per Encounter; 2/E = Twice per Encounter

Level 1Edit

(1,000 XP)

Inspiring presence rank 1 maneuvers Combat leader rank 1 maneuvers Polearm fighting style rank 1 maneuvers

Level 2Edit

(3,000 XP)

Level 3Edit

(6,000 XP)

Inspiring presence rank 2 maneuvers Combat leader rank 2 maneuvers

Lunging StrikeEdit

(per-encounter standard actionattack maneuver)


Light Blade fighting style, Spear fighting style or Polearm fighting style


You may shift one additional pace as an immediate action before or after this attack.


You shift one pace.


One creature within reach (Weapon vs. Armor)


2dW + [ melee damage bonus ] damage. If you have advantage against the target, the target begins bleeding ongoing damage equal to your Constitution modifier + your level.


Half damage, and you push the target two paces.

Level 4Edit

(10,000 XP)

Level 5Edit

(15,000 XP)

  • Per-encounter feats: ⓇⓇ ⒸⒸ①①②②
  • You may choose another rank 2 maneuver from the list above.

Level 6Edit

(21,000 XP)

Level 7Edit

(28,000 XP)

Inspiring presence rank 3 maneuvers Combat leader rank 3 maneuvers Polearm fighting style rank 3 maneuvers

Level 8Edit

(36,000 XP)

Level 9Edit

(45,000 XP)

  • Per-encounter feats: ⓇⓇ ⒸⒸ①①②②③③
  • You may choose another rank 3 maneuver from the list above.

Level 10Edit

(55,000 XP)

Level 11Edit

(65,000 XP)

  • You become a paragon hero, and your adventures pass beyond the scope of these rules.

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