Craft is used to construct or appraise items, weapons, armor, and architecture. Your Craft Proficiency is based on your Intelligence.

Craft Actions


(at-will free actiontrained skill knowledge )



Craft vs. the obscurity of the information.


You notice some particularly useful bit of crafting detail that is applicable to the situation at hand. When used on a potentially valuable item, you gain a good approximation of that item's market value.

Craft ItemEdit

(at-will extended actiontrained skill utility )



One item (Craft vs. the design’s crafting difficulty)


You may craft a mundane item, weapon or armor from raw materials. The check result is the percentage of the item’s base market cost that is saved by making it yourself.


The results are flawed and the materials used are wasted.

Disable TrapEdit

(at-will standard actiontrained skill utility )



One non-magical trap (Craft vs. the trap’s difficulty).


The trap becomes disabled until it resets.


The trap is still active. On a critical failure, you trigger the trap.

Repair ItemEdit

(at-will extended actionbasic skill utility )



One damaged mundane item, weapon or armor
(Craft vs. the difficulty of the repair, 5 minutes).


The item is repaired. On a critical success, the item gains temporary hit points equal to your Intelligence modifier against the next attempt to damage it.


The item is still damaged. On a critical failure, the item is ruined beyond repair.

Rig ContraptionEdit

(at-will extended actiontrained skill stunt )



Describe the device you attempt to improvise, then make a Craft check after spending an amount of time rigging the contraption based on your Game Master's judgement.


The contraption performs as expected.


The contraption doesn’t work. On a critical failure, some kind of mishap occurs.

Craft Training Feats

If you have Expertise in Craft, you may gain one of the following at-will feats each time you gain further training in Craft.

Craft Masterwork ItemEdit

(at-will extended actionexpert Craft training)


Craft expertise


You may attempt to craft a masterwork item with a level up to your Character Level. You must have access to an appropriate workshop, and possess the item's creation formula and all components necessary to create it.

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