Distracting caper is an Acrobat class feature which helps Rogues to fulfill the defender role.

Distracting Caper

(Acrobat class feature)


(Level 0)

  • You gain training in the Athletics skill.
  • You gain a +1 class bonus to your Reflex defense, or a +2 bonus to your Reflex defense if you already received a class bonus to Reflex.
  • You gain a class bonus to maximum hit points equal to your level, or twice your level if you already received a class bonus to hit points.
  • You gain a +1 class bonus to your vitality.
  • Whenever you are adjacent to an unmarked enemy, you may mark that enemy until the end of your next turn as a free interrupt.
  • Enemies which are marked by your distracting caper suffer a penalty to all attack rolls for attacks that do not include you; this penalty is equal to your Charisma modifier.

Class Trick

  • You gain the following trick:

Trick Shift

(per-encounter immediate interruptdefensive trick)


Distracting Caper


An adjacent ally would be hit by an attack.


You slide the ally one pace, then shift one pace into the space the ally occupied. The attack targets you, and suffers a penalty equal to your Dexterity modifier.

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