Elemental BlastEdit

(at-will standard actionprovoking elemental attack spell)




burst 1 centered within 10 paces (Arcana vs. Reflex)


1d6+[ magic damage bonus ] elemental damage.


Until the end of your next turn, creatures who enter the blast area take elemental damage equal to your Dexterity modifier.


If you do not prepare spells, you must learn a specific version of this spell when you choose it. You may learn one of the following ten spells:

  • Petrifying Blast (earth/petrification)
  • Rending Blast (earth/force)
  • Freezing Blast (water/cold)
  • Dissolving Blast (water/acid)
  • Choking Blast (wood/poison)
  • Enthralling Plume (wood/psychic)
  • Shocking Blast (wind/lightning)
  • Booming Blast (wind/thunder)
  • Shimmering Flash (flame/radiant)
  • Scorching Blast (flame/fire)

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