Elemental SphereEdit

(per-encounter standard actionprovoking elemental attack spell)




One space within 5 paces.


A small sphere of elemental energy appears inside the space. You may expend an immediate action during your turn to sustain the sphere until the end of your next turn, or expend a move action to sustain the sphere and move it 6 paces.

Whenever a creature starts its turn adjacent to the sphere, that creature takes 1d4 + [ magic damage bonus ] elemental damage. Whenever there are any creatures inside the sphere's space, make the following attack as an automatic interrupt:


Each creature within the sphere's space (Arcana vs. Reflex)


2d6 + [ magic damage bonus ] elemental damage, one arcane affliction of the appropriate element, and the elemental sphere is destroyed at the end of this action.


You push the target into an adjacent space.

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