Nature is used to gather food and resources in the wilderness, identify and track animals, navigate the wilds and avoid natural hazards. Barbarians use the Nature skill in conjunction with their access to a primal power source to perform their magics. Your Nature Proficiency is based on your Wisdom.

Nature Actions


(at-will extended actiontrained skill utility )



One area (Nature vs. difficulty based on the local terrain, flora and fauna; 5 minutes).



You gather enough food, water and other resources for one person to eat well for one day. On an exceptional success, you find enough for five people. If you are searching for specific ingredients or materials, the Game Master may assign a difficulty to the task based on the rarity of what you're looking for within the area. If an ally performs a treat wounds or treat disease or poison action during the same short rest, you may add one fifth the check result of this roll as a teamwork bonus to your ally's Heal check.

Nature LoreEdit

(at-will free actiontrained skill knowledge )



Nature vs. the obscurity of the information.



You remember some particularly useful bit of lore or natural detail that is applicable to the situation at hand.


(at-will free actiontrained skill knowledge )



Nature vs. the difficulty of the area you are trying to find your way through.



You can determine your location and direction, and find a path through the current environment towards your destination.

Nature Training Feats

If you have Expertise in Nature, you may gain one of the following at-will feats each time you gain further training in Nature.

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