The divine warrior relies on his faith and his sword to protect the faithful. The Paladin is the protector of the faithful and the champion - or terror - of the weak. He combines a fierce devotion to a virtuous principle with hard-won experience fighting for that virtue on the field of honor.

Paladin Class FeaturesEdit

All Paladins, regardless of their other Class Features, gain the following proficiencies and abilities upon choosing the Priest class:

Weapon ProficienciesEdit

The paladin is proficient with all melee weapon groups.

Armor ProficienciesEdit

The Paladin is proficient with all Leather, Hide, and Chain armors,
and with light shields.

Magic ProficienciesEdit

The priest can perform divine prayers and invocations, usually using the Religion skill. His magic damage bonus is equal to his Charisma modifier.

Skill ProficienciesEdit

The paladin is proficient in Religion and Endurance.

Starting FeatsEdit
  • The paladin chooses two role-based class features, gaining the skill proficiencies and prayers or invocations of those class features.
  • The paladin chooses one virtue class feature, gaining that virtue's blessings and invocation.
  • The paladin chooses two at-will prayers or maneuvers that are available to him based on his class features.
  • At level 0, the priest may perform one Rank 1 prayer, maneuver, or invocation per day.

The Essential PaladinEdit

This chapter presents many different options for creating a Divine Martial Hero, also known as a Paladin. Many of these options can seem daunting, so the following builds have been distilled down into the essential necessities.

Each of these builds has been constructed using the Essential Array ability scores, choosing abilities and adding the +2 racial ability bonuses so that the final ability scores become 18/16/14/12/11 regardless of the character’s race. This ensures that the character begins play with their abilities optimized for that class’s rigors, and won’t find themselves particularly hampered compared to another player.

Blackguard (Essential Oathsworn)Edit

White Knight (Essential Cavalier)Edit

Runepriest (Essential Warpriest)Edit

Chaplain (Essential Hospitalier)Edit

Champion of Justice (Essential Paladin)Edit

The Complete PaladinEdit

If you feel like delving into the nuts and bolts of character design, you can skip past the Essential builds and construct a Complete Paladin, which takes significantly more work but will result in a vision that is uniquely your own. There are four possible Complete Priest starting points:

Oathsworn (Divine Martial Striker)Edit

The Avenger focuses her divine valor into...

Cavalier (Divine Martial Defender)Edit

The Templar focuses her divine valor into...

Warpriest (Divine Martial Controller)Edit

The Warpriest focuses his divine valor into...

Hospitalier (Divine Martial Leader)Edit

The Hospitalier focuses his divine valor into...

Paladin (Divine Martial Hybrid)Edit

You can easily choose to create a hybrid Paladin as a starting character, simply by picking Role-based Class Features from two different Roles. This will dilute your ability to fulfill each Role, but allows much more flexibility during character creation.



Leveling UpEdit

At each level, you gain new features and bonuses to increase your paladin prowess:

Level 1Edit

(1,000 XP)

Level 2Edit

(3,000 XP)

Level 3Edit

(6,000 XP)

Level 4Edit

(10,000 XP)

Level 5Edit

(15,000 XP)

Level 6Edit

(21,000 XP)

Level 7Edit

(28,000 XP)

Level 8Edit

(36,000 XP)

Level 9Edit

(45,000 XP)

Level 10Edit

(55,000 XP)

Level 11Edit

(65,000 XP)

  • You become a paragon hero, and your adventures pass beyond the scope of these rules.

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